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Flashback Friday: “Rage of Demons: Lizardfolk”

It’s another Flashback Friday, where we look at an old article I wrote a a year ago. This weeks article is a continuation of the model painting articles I first started this site with! I hope to revisit some model painting articles in the future when I have time to break out my paints once

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Flashback Friday: “Rage of Demons: Banshee”

Now This is art, not real life is one year old, I can start to flashback to some of my older posts. If you haven’t seen these before this is the perfect oppertunity to read some new content, or see where this website started! With that in mind this Flashback Friday I want to take

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Rage of Demons: Banshee

I bought a few boxes of the Dungeons and Dragons mini-figures for Rage of Demons. I have recently bought the Out of the Abyss adventure and as I was reading through it I thought I would see how the mini-figures look, and I was very impressed. The figures are very well molded, and very nicely

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