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Gameplay: Death Stranding Part 2

The second part of my Death Stranding playthrough can now be watched on youtube, and can be checked out below!  

Gameplay: Death Stranding

The first part of my Death Stranding playthrough can now be watched on youtube! This was a bit of a nightmare due to having issues with youtube muting about 18 minutes of footage for copywrite reasons and I could not recover the audio. I had to rebuild this audio from scratch which I believe I

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Impressions: Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima is a renowned video game auteur, who has always brought a distinctive and unique approach to video game design, blending innovative gameplay with serious subject matters alongside wacky easter eggs and comic-bookesque villains. The stories in his flagship Metal Gear Solid franchise were always convoluted, confusing, but also deeply touching stories of humans

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Mental Health in Video Games: Metal Gear Solid V

This article contains massive spoilers for the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Metal Gear Solid V is a mixed bag of a game. It has excellent, polished gameplay, offset by cut content and erratic storytelling. But that does not prevent the finale to this iconic video game saga from moments of heart-wrenching storytelling brilliance. The theme

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