I am passionate about games and here is where I write about them.

There are two categories of writing here; Impressions and Deep Dives.

Impressions are mini-reviews; my thoughts and feelings on specific games I have played. These are short and give a summary of why I like or dislike a game and whether I think others would enjoy the game and why.

Deep Dives are in-depth analysis of different aspects of some of the games I have played. Not every game needs this analysis, but some games are so awesome that they need to be looked at with a keener eye and have real questions asked about them. This is where I touch on some of those.


‘Alien: Isolation’ by Creative Assembly

‘God of War’ by Santa Monica Studio

‘No Man’s Sky’ by Hello Games

‘Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’ by From Software

‘Stardew Valley’ by Concerned Ape

Deep Dives:

Dark Souls: Video Game Classics 101

Storytelling in From Software Games

Mental Health in Persona 5

Games we grew up with:

‘Pokémon Red’ and ‘Pokémon Blue’ by Nintendo

‘Super Mario Land’ and ‘Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins’ by Nintendo

‘Spiderman’ by Activision

‘Tekken 3’ by Namco


Sometimes I stream games as well! This can be found here!