Impressions are mini-reviews; my thoughts and feelings on specific games I have played. These are short and give a summary of why I like or dislike a game and whether I think others would enjoy the game and why.

Deep Dives

Deep Dives are in-depth analysis of different aspects of some of the games I have played. Not every game needs this analysis, but some games are so awesome that they need to be looked at with a keener eye and have real questions asked about them. This is where I touch on some of those.

Games we grew up with

A series that looks at some of the games we played when we were younger and the impact they had on us as we grew up.


I regularly post my latest gameplay content to my Youtube channel, which you can find at


I often stream the games that I am playing, and am slowly turning those streams into usable youtube videos. Also looking to turn footage into video essays at some point as well, but that is a bit further off.

If you want to watch my livestream it can be found here!