This is art, not real life…

Welcome to This is art, not real life!

Life can be intense, and life can be challenging.

But stories can offer an escape…


People have always told stories. Stories about who we are, and where we come from. Stories of heroes we look up to and monsters that must be overcome. Stories of gods and technologies, of life and love and loss.

In our modern age the way we tell these stories has changed. Oral tradition and written traditions have evolved into all the media we consume. Films, Podcasts, Video Games, Books, Newspapers and Blogs. These are mediums for modern storytelling.

On this website I share about the mediums I enjoy the most!

Dungeons & Dragons

I have a whole bunch of Dungeons & Dragons related work and articles that are in the process of being released, from Campaign Diaries, to Published Adventures, and maybe even a Podcast or two, there is always alot of D&D content coming out on this site!

Video Games

Whether you enjoy a more philosophical discussion on  the human condition, or something more casual, there is hopefully something for you to find here, and if there isn’t yet, keep checking in!

Books and Films

These are more of a work in progress at the moment, but they will be updated gradually as the site grows.


I am release a new article every Wednesday so there should always be something new to see!

This site is currently in its infancy and so the kind of content I create is quite varied at the moment as I work out what resonates best with you! So have a read around, leave a comment or a like on the articles you enjoy and would want to see more of, and I will work on turning this little site into a little gem!

You have the power to help shape this site that you will enjoy returning to more and more!

So go! Have and explore! Or save yourself the trouble of clicking through multiple pages and hit the hardline archive and recieve everything in one gluttonous page crawl!