Giff Wars Session 2 Part 2: To the Skies!


The continuation of the journal of Nei, a Paladin in the service of House Organo.

The Party


According to Alicath, he and Eddie played a delightful tune. In fact, it was quite literally the best thing the pub-goers had ever heard and the band they forced out was not remotely pleased.

Dragon Bros
Alicath and Eddie, Dragonbros!

The band told Alicath that him and Eddie had ruined their livelihoods now! They had only ever played one tune – and it’s four notes, the crowd wouldn’t want them back again! Alicath promised to teach them at some point, wondering about the crowd’s standards… Eddie meanwhile engaged a small unscrupulous crowd who seem interested in crewing a ship for him, for a price.

Meanwhile, I was emboldened by the success of my first round of recruitment, and attempted another! I engaged the captain of one of the larger ships who was by the pier talking to his crew. ‘Can you help me?’ I asked, ‘I am on a mission from God.’

The captain was not impressed so I tried a different approach, pulling out a sword and pointing it at his chest. The captain however pointed out I was vastly outnumbered and had no chance. He calmly yet firmly suggested I head on my way, something I agreed with. I went to the tavern, pulled up a bar stool beside Ricktar, and ordered my own stiff drink.

Eddie and Alicath regrouped with Ricktar and myself at the bar. Eddie said he had agreed with a man called San that he would take us to Aldar for five thousand gold pieces.

San Holo
San Holo, the charming rogue…

Ricktar suggested we should get Ubi and he left. However, on leaving the pub he saw two Giff guards engaging an official-looking man. The man was pointing directly in our direction and talking urgently. Ricktar returned to warn us and we escaped out of the back of the tavern.

Alicath disappeared back into the tavern to his surprise was almost immediately intercepted by the guards. However he successfully bluffed them, apparently saying, ‘Me no speak common.’ The guards let him pass through and continued their search.

Ricktar reached Ubi and informed him we met a man called San who will do the job for five thousand, wincing as he said it. The Giff however did not wince. He grabbed a bag from his satchel and threw it to Ricktar. ‘That should cover it’ he said.

This Giff clearly did not mess around.

The Giff guards left the tavern and I headed back inside. The ten-strong crew I recruited earlier were impatient and wanted to go. I told them to wait for us at the pier at dusk. Eddie told San the same.

At dusk we reconvened at the docks.

We climbed up to one of the smaller airships in silence, and we can see it is tied down with ropes, laden with bells. Clearly an effective anti-theft measure. That is, if you’re not expecting a lizard blizzard wizard. Eddie Izzard stepped forward; a gleam in his eye, knowing his time to shine had come.

He carefully manipulated the seawater into the bells, and froze it in place. He then swiped with his sword at the knot tying the ship down and the rope fell away. There was a not-inconspicuous splash as the rope smacked into the calm sea in the port below.

In the town bells rang out.

As the airship receded from the shoreline our minds returned to the mission at hand and the unlikely chances of us coming out alive. We are so few against such great odds. Our thoughts however didn’t remain undisturbed as a crewmember yelled.


We peered over the sides of the deck and several large flying creatures were headed our way. Eddie shot an ice-spear right through one of their wings, but the creature carried on flying, barely perturbed by the hole in its wing, flying in a way that seemed almost unnatural.

A spell burst into the air, which immobilized three of the beasts. One of the beasts body-slammed into Alicath leaving him practically at death’s door.

Alicath crushed beneath the strange beast

Eddie threw his flaming sword, magically guiding it straight into the beast’s eye. Ricktar came at its flank and, with an almighty swing of his greatsword, decapitated it.

The three beasts behind us broke free of their charm, but the airship had moved on and they turned away, knowing they can’t catch up.

On deck we nurse Alicath back to health, but Alicath was staring at something much more sinister. The dead beast’s shadow was not beast-like at all; it was human.

We are not far from Aldar…

Written by Chloe Wakefield

Artwork by Jess Butcher –

Edited by Aaron Surnaym

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